…and the chocolates are mouth-watering

I highly recommend learning about raw chocolate, or any other delicious workshop that Nicky Duenkel offers! Nicky is an engaging instructor and the chocolate is mouth-watering . I particularly love her attention to detail in the presentation of all the treats that she shared with us!

Catherine O.
University Faculty

Its. That. Good. Seriously.


I’m not a vegan, nor am I lactose-intolerant—in fact, I’m a dairy-loving, rare-steak-eating, red-wine-drinking omnivore who chases great gastronomic experiences wherever I can find them…and I think Nicky’s nut cheeze is the best thing I’ve eaten in ages. It’s not just “good for vegan”…it’s simply amazing…as in “I can’t believe my tastebuds” amazing. The chevre,… Read more “Its. That. Good. Seriously.”

Lisa T.
University Faculty

Definitely worth taking this class if you are a chocolate lover!

I really enjoyed this raw chocolate class with Nicky! It was super informative and nice to learn that we can still have chocolate and in a more healthy way! You don’t need any special equipment and there are so many great recipes to experiment with! Definitely worth taking this class if you’re a chocolate lover!

Corrina B.

I can’t wait to make my next batch…


I’ve just completed the Fermented Nut Cheeze workshop online and I’ve made my first batch – a Macadamia Nut Pesto Cheeze. Nicky’s practical approach and simple directions made it very easy to follow along. I’m reasonably comfortable in the kitchen but fermentation was completely new to me. She answered my questions and made me feel… Read more “I can’t wait to make my next batch…”

Frances G.
Travel Advisor & Government Employee

Lovely teaching style and delicious healthy chocolates…

This class was interesting enough that I felt a sense of accomplishment with the finished products, and yet simple enough instructions that I can make them again. And I have, many times! Lovely teaching style and delicious healthy chocolates. Great class!

Nadine L.
Parks Canada

I just couldn’t give up my cheese…

I took the fermented cheeze workshop with Nicky and Judy when they were developing it, a bit before they realized just how high the demand would be. After a series of sold out performances with the live workshop, they realized there was no option but to put it online and let everyone have the opportunity… Read more “I just couldn’t give up my cheese…”

Nothing short of stunning…

So, let’s talk about chocolate. For most of my life, I have been a huge consumer of North-American-style chocolate and candy. You know the stuff — you eat a handful, and the amount of refined sugar (very addictive) in it causes you to eat another, and then another, and before you know it, you’re completely… Read more “Nothing short of stunning…”

Jane P.
Community Choir Director

As someone who both desperately loves cheese…

As someone who both desperately loves cheese, and knows full well that their body isn’t meant to consume it – this was exactly what I needed. I’m super excited to try out some of these delicious recipes and recommend this workshop to everyone!

Stephanie J.
ENGO Program Coordinator

It’s not only good ‘for a vegan cheese’ …


This nut cheeze is absolutely delicious! It’s not only good ‘for a vegan cheese’ it’s good all by itself, and I would say as good if not better than any gourmet dairy cheese!

Garry L.

Nicky is patient and willing to answer any question…


Nicky’s Nut Cheeze Workshop was simply excellent! She is extremely knowledgeable but also remembers what it’s like to be a newbie. Nicky is patient and willing to answer any question and her step-by-step instructions make it easy to understand how to make nut cheeze. The final product is incredibly delicious and I would highly recommend… Read more “Nicky is patient and willing to answer any question…”

Tracey H.
University Faculty

Nicky has a flair for making things simple…


Let’s start from the delectably delicious end product and work backwards…. I was drawn to participate in Nicky’s nut cheese course because the truth of the matter was that I couldn’t keep asking her to make me more cheese! I wasn’t sure that I would feel confident to make my own cheese, I mean really,… Read more “Nicky has a flair for making things simple…”

Terry G.
Unviversity Faculty

I’m consistently blown away…


I’ve done a number of courses with Nicky and Judy and I’m consistently blown away each time. The care and thought that goes into the preparation, as well as the really fun and knowledgeable delivery is wonderful. But the best is the incredibly healthy and delicious food we get to try at the end, plus… Read more “I’m consistently blown away…”

Nicole C.
Yoga Teacher & Community Organizer

Dare I say…exquisite?!

I’ve had the privilege of taking 2 workshops with Nicky and Judy. The workshops were excellent, filled to the brim with knowledge that you get to take away with you forever more! And the food you get to sample, dare I say, exquisite?! I want to take every workshop they ever offer! Hooked.

Angelique S.
Energy Healer

A taste both clear and rich…


If you ever eat vegetables and fruit fresh from your garden onto your plate, you know how complex, satisfying and nutritious they are. So too Nicky’s chocolate and cheese creations; a taste both clear and rich that feels as good in your body as it does on your tongue.

Ann P.