I just couldn’t give up my cheese…

I took the fermented cheeze workshop with Nicky and Judy when they were developing it, a bit before they realized just how high the demand would be. After a series of sold out performances with the live workshop, they realized there was no option but to put it online and let everyone have the opportunity to change their lives like the workshop changed mine.

I am serious about the life change. I am one of those people who was vegetarian for decades. I just couldn’t give up my cheese. Eventually I did, maybe six or seven years ago, and got the good advice to totally stay away from the commercial vegan cheezes until I got the taste of real cheese out of my system. At the time, it was good advice, but even after months went by I found that I was never totally happy with the commercial products. I found my “least disappointing” brand, and did buy it regularly, trying to ignore the ingredients list, but since my experience with Nicky and Judy’s workshop, I have not bought it again. That was months ago. I no longer miss cheese. That was life changing.

Last spring I visited Toronto, and took the opportunity to cheat, far away from home where no one would ever see me. I went to Kensington Market and purchased 100g of that five year old white cheddar you can only get far away from Cape Breton. They wouldn’t sell any less. I didn’t like it. I prefer what I now make in my own home, thanks to Nicky and Judy.

Don’t try the other recipes on-line first, take the dive. I have tried a few and they are not as simple to make. Yes, I said simple. Those recipes have more ingredients, things you have to buy in an attempt to get the flavour right, or the texture right, or the smell right. Just take this workshop and change your life. As a bonus you will be eating cheeze that you made yourself, with ingredients you know, plus a touch of fermentation to make it even better for you, and tastier.

If you are vegan, wanting to be vegan, milk intolerant, or just love exotic and delicious things that are secretly simple to make, you have found your solution. Nicky and Judy are wonderful, warm, knowledgeable, and great teachers too.