Treat for the Holidays!

This time of year can become something of a sensory overload. Rather than becoming overwhelmed, I believe we can choose how we want to engage with the spirit of the season. These holidays speak to us through all our senses, regardless of the traditions we were brought up within. We are touched by the smells, the tastes, the sounds, the sights, and even the feel of these special times.  We experience them through memories, and we recreate them in the present.

As we move away from the old recipes of our parents and grandparents, with ingredients we no longer include in our diets, the celebrations can become something of a puzzle. I love making most anything from scratch, and over the years I’ve experimented with creating so many raw vegan versions of “the classics” including this delicious nog-like drink. In truth, I’ve never particularly liked the idea of eggnog, but I do love the combo of spices and Judy goes into rapture over it. We used to drink the soy alternative that “traditionally” showed up on grocery store shelves. And she was excited to have that option! Now, the grocery store choices have multiplied, but we have our own version that we want to share with you.

non dairy eggnog
Delicious Vegan Eggnog
  • *3 cups of almond milk (homemade is best!)
  • *½ cup coconut milk (homemade is best!)
  • **6-8 medjool dates (or 4 Tbsp of maple syrup)
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp allspice (optional)
  • Pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in blender and blend! If you like your nog chilled, place mixture in fridge to cool (be sure to shake before serving). If you prefer it hot (well, warm), blend on high until mixture warms. Serve and enjoy! If you’re looking for a thicker nog, simply add half a banana 🙂 .

*To make homemade almond milk, soak 1 cup of almonds overnight. Rinse and drain well. Place in blender along with 3 cups of water. Blend on high for a couple of minutes. Strain through nut milk bag (very fine mesh bag) or cheesecloth (or some other creative straining technique you figure out!). Pour into a jar and put in fridge. (If you’d like, you can also add a date and a bit of coconut oil, but these are optional!) Similarly, for homemade coconut milk place 1 cup of shredded coconut into blender with 2 cups of warm water. Blend on high. Strain, and put pulp back into the blender with 2 more cups of warm water. Blend again, strain, pour it all into a jar and place in fridge.

**Sweeten to your taste. If you want the drink to be fully raw, then I suggest using dates. Personally, I like the taste a bit better with maple syrup though obviously it’s not raw!

Enjoy!! 🙂

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