The Top Five Reasons to Sign Up for an Online Class with RAWareness

Nicky teaching
A passionate educator!

I’m often asked, “Why bother taking an online course when I can simply find free recipes and YouTube videos online?” Well, I take a lot of online courses myself – both about online business issues as well as about various aspects of food crafting. So I have directly experienced the benefits of this learning medium, and have tried to address the challenges I’ve encountered elsewhere while creating my own classes. Truthfully, the online experience of learning about how to make a new recipe is really nothing like an in-person class, particularly if your primary focus is to socialize and enjoy a good meal (good reasons!), with no great intention of recreating that meal for yourself in the future! Yet, if your goal is really to learn how to make this delicious dish for yourself, then our online classes are perfect: You create the yumminess yourself in your own kitchen, with the guidance and support to do so, and you can rewind, pause, or return to the class in your own home and in your own time frame. Lessons are offered in bite sized portions – each with an accompanying video demonstration, a printable recipe, and an opportunity to ask questions and share your accomplishments with family or friends.

It took me just a minute to brainstorm a short list that illustrates some of the benefits to taking a real online class with Rawareness, rather than following a free recipe you’ve found on the web. Here are a few things you may not have thought about before you’ve had the experience of taking an online course from a passionate educational professional:

  1. We all know time is in short supply these days, so our classes come to you! You can start a class at midnight if you are a night owl. And you can fit them in in bits and pieces in the comfort of your own kitchen.
  2. We live in such a global culture these days and have friends at such distances that we wish we could be with more often. So sign up for one of my online classes with friends anywhere in the world (as long as there’s an internet connection), and enjoy a class “together” without having to pay for expensive airline tickets!

    A certified Raw Vegan Chef!
  3. You are working with an experienced educator as well as an accredited “raw chef”. So often online materials are not well-organized or complete. People who know how to prepare food don’t necessarily know how to break down the steps for beginners. Rawareness has Nicky! She is a clear and engaging educator with 30 years of  teaching under her belt (or apron :)).
  4. You don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder, nor are you comparing yourself with others of different skill levels. However, you do have Nicky available for questions and she’ll respond pretty quickly, patiently, and honestly. Sometimes we just don’t know what went wrong – and that’s a learning in itself. Maybe it was the humidity in your kitchen, or maybe your scale is just a bit off in terms of measurements. Maybe there was just a micro-drop of water on the spoon you put into the chocolate – and that’s why you ended up with a hard unmeltable ball.
  5. And best of all — you get to eat your homework!! 🙂 Generally speaking, even mistakes taste pretty good and are full of nutrition, even though they may not be pretty.

So, if you haven’t already checked out our online raw/vegan course offerings, we invite you to do so. May your kitchen become a new source of nourishment, fun, learning, and deliciousness!

Making raw chocolate is a messy business! (but you do get to lick your fingers in your own kitchen!)



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