Online Raw Chocolate Level 1 Class is Launched!

We’ve launched Raw Chocolate Level 1 online, and just in time for the holidays! Learn to make simple Raw Chocolates and turn eating (and sharing!) chocolate into something delicious and nutritious rather than merely consuming empty calories. Or gift the class itself to someone you know would love to learn how to create healthy and delicious chocolate at home. Sign up now for our Special Launch price of $49.95! (Remember that once registered for the class, you have lifetime access — you can start and return to the course content whenever you want, so why not take advantage of this great launch price?!)

The Journey Alive Cleanse

Coralie Murphy offers an 8 week long community supported cleanse here in Cape Breton, NS, along with incredibly rich weekly info meetings. The video below is of the initial gathering for this Fall’s cleanse and is jam packed full of great info about nutrition and our health. It’s worth the time to watch!

Coralie Murphy
Coralie Murphy & the Journey Alive Cleanse Experience.


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Online Fermented Nut Cheeze Class

Olive & Sundried Tomato Macadamia Cheeze
Olive & Sundried Tomato Macadamia Cheeze

After several years of offering face to face raw food workshops, we’ve decided to go online too! We’ve just launched a class focused on helping you to make gourmet fermented nut cheeze in your own kitchen.

The hardest part of shifting from being vegetarian to vegan for me was cheese. I’d let go of all other dairy 10 years prior but every once in a while I’d still have a craving for really old cheddar. Since I’ve discovered how to make fermented nut cheeze, that pull to eat dairy cheese doesn’t really happen for me anymore. I’m really excited to be able to share my journey with you, bringing 30 years of delivering educational experiences to this new venue so that you can craft satisfying artisanal nut cheeze in your own kitchen.

And you can choose to fit your budget: Lifelong access or just 30 day access.